This program is designed for groups or dojos who would like to learn our art/ our system and become a part of our group of dojos, but are geographically far away. There are only 2 ways to receive instruction: either you go to the source or you bring the source to you. In the first scenario, you must travel to see the teacher. In the second scenario, you bring the teacher to you.

Like his teachers before him, our founder Mr. Tong does not franchise his art nor is he looking to make money. However, he is willing to travel to teach those students (or groups) who have a sincere desire to study under him and learn all about his art.

To learn our art takes many years of hard work and thus, Mr. Tong is looking for quality individuals with a genuine love of the art and lots of enthusiasm.

To learn more about this unique opportunity, please contact us.


We hold regular classes in kenjutsu at various dojos. Please consult the Contact Us page for more details on locations and hours of training.
Before enrolling in classes, please read through our FAQs page to see if our school fits your needs and whether you fit our school.



Tokumeikan offers those with a passion for the sword the rare opportunity to experience the art, craft, and passion of kenjutsu. Specifically designed for people who cannot for various reasons enrol in a regular class, our seminars focus on providing you with a basic working knowledge of kenjutsu, allowing you to experience first-hand the beauty of this exacting art.

For students:
Look on our Events page for news about upcoming seminars.

For dojo administrators:
We can create a stand-alone seminar or a series of seminars for you and your group at your location. Please contact us to discuss these possibilities in more detail.

We have decades of experience in running successful seminars. Read the testimonials from actual seminar participants here.


For dojos which are looking to enhance their menu of offerings to their students (e.g., add a sword arts component to an existing karate program, for example), we can provide a program in sword arts for you. For dojo administrators, to learn how our programs can complement and augment your existing curriculum, please read this document.

To learn more about our past programs and workshops, go here.